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Measure Angle

This workflow is used to measure the angle between the X axis and a line consisting of two selected points on a substrate. The angle can be used to rotate a print design to make it match the features on a substrate.

Measure Angle

Selecting points

Once the workflow is active, a crosshair appears on the video feed. By grabbing it, you can place it anywhere on the video feed. Click on Set for either the start or the end point to use the current position of the crosshair for the selected point.

Measure Angle


You can use the navigation tool to move to positions which are farther away. This allows you to measure distances and angles across wells and plates.

By clicking Move to below one of the points, the CERES system will place the currently active camera above the selected point.


Some positions are not accessible by both cameras. Trying to move to an inaccessible position will result in an error.

Determining the angle

If two points have been selected, the workflow immediately displays the calculated angle, the delta in X and Y of the two selected points and the distance between the points. Changing either the start or end position updates the values.