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Using printing solutions

A printing session requires two solutions:

  • chamber solution
  • iontip ink

Each solution should be handled accordingly to local regulations wearing the proper safety equipment.

The solutions should be stored well sealed at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight. Store chemicals in an appropriate storage for liquid chemicals with spill containment measures. The life time of the solutions provided by Exaddon is indicated on the bottles.

Equipment needed

  • 0.1-5 ml, 1-100 µl and 0.1-10 µl micropipettes
  • 2 ml syringe
  • 200 nm (or less) pore size filters (hydrophilic)
  • 2 ml vials

Printing Copper

Using the chamber solution [Cu]

The chamber solution [Cu] can be used as received. 10 to 12 ml of the solution can be pipetted into the assembled printing chamber or replaced when needed. The chamber solution [Cu] should be changed daily. The used solution must be disposed according to local regulations.

Using the iontip ink [Cu]

The iontip ink [Cu] must be filtered before use using the provided syringes and filters. When using the iontip ink brightener [Cu], 20 µl of each component (A, B and C) must be added to 1 ml of iontip ink [Cu] using the provided micropipette. Micropipette tips are single use and must be changed for each component. The mixed iontip ink brightener [Cu] filtered before use using the provided syringes and filters.

The probe can then be filled with 0.2 to 1 µl of filtered ink.

The mixed iontip ink brightener [Cu] ink can be used for up to one week after mixing, if stored in the above mentioned conditions. The ink can be re-filtered before printing. If precipitates or other contaminations are visible, it is advised to make new ink for best results.

Solution supplies

Solutions described here can be ordered at Exaddon or via your local distributor. A step by step guide on how to prepare basic versions of the chamber solution [Cu] and iontip ink [Cu] can be found here.