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System start-up

The software reports an error at start-up

Errors at start-up may happen because of communication issues between a component of the system and the computer:

  • A component of the system is not powered on
  • A cable is not plugged in correctly
  • The controllers did not have enough time to boot completely. Please wait 1 min before restarting the software

What to do

  • Restart the software
  • If the issue persists check below for common errors and how to fix them
  • Reboot the whole system

Lens driver error

If a lens driver was not loaded correctly it might need to be restarted. There are two lens drivers, one for each camera. Lens drivers are connected via the usb hub that sits on the table behind the system.

What to do

  1. Close the software
  2. If the usb hub has buttons, switch off the drivers. Alternatively, disconnect the drivers from the usb hub
  3. Wait for 30 seconds
  4. Switch on/reconnect the drivers
  5. Open the software

Camera error

If one (or both) cameras were not loaded correctly they might need to be restarted

What to do

  • Open the CAPA console (CTRL+SHIFT+C) and type ictrl deactivate camera, followed by ictrl activate camera
  • Retry connecting to the camera.

Axis disabled or dragging error

To avoid damage, axes are disengaged when too much force or friction is measured during their movement. Common sources of axis disengagement are:

  • Touching an axis or exchanging a plate disengaged the positioning system
  • Something is in the way of the XY sled or the Z stage and induced friction during the movement to the target position
  • The plate or printing chamber was not placed correctly. All plates should rest on their four edges/feet
  • Plate definitions are incorrect: plate types and defined heights must be correctly set in the Exchange Plate workflow for the plates used
  • Calibration offsets are wrong, inducing a shift between the plate definition and the actual accessible area. Calibrate the system again if this shift can be observed
  • Axes may lack lubricant. The Rail Lubrication should have been conducted less than 1 month ago and the last cleaning and oiling maintenance less than 6 month ago.
  • The software reported a Resources are busy error: another action is pending. Wait for the previous action to complete and try again or restart the software

What to do

  • Check that the axes can move freely
  • Check that the plates are installed correctly
  • Check that the plate definition is correct
  • To re-initialize a disabled axis, restart the software. Alternatively, you can open the CAPA console (CTRL+SHIFT+C) and type stageinit