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General Information

Common issues encountered, their possible causes and solutions are reported in this section. For further assistance, please contact Exaddon support.

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Iontips warranty request

If you experienced problems with one or more Iontips, you can apply for a replacement. In order to create a successful replacement request, you need:

  • A screenshot, video or any other proof illustrating the issue
  • The probe replacement request form compiled with all the necessary information

Please send these information to Exaddon support. Possible reasons for a replacement are:

  1. the Iontip(s) visibly leak(s)
  2. the Iontip(s) cannot be filled
  3. the Iontip adapter(s) do/does not fit tightly or is/are broken
  4. no or poor laser signal


Please do not send the Iontips back unless specifically required by Exaddon.

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