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Getting Started

Start the CAPA operator software by double-clicking on its icon CAPA Logo either on the desktop or in the start menu under Exaddon. Wait while the application initializes and configures connected hardware.

Startup Progress


Error messages will be displayed at the bottom of the screen if errors occurred during the initialization process. Pressing the expansion button on the left side shows detailed error information.


If a fatal error occurs during the initialization process, this dialog will be displayed. Once you click the Exit buton, the application will shut down immediately.


Then insert the desired plates and configure the system by selecting the appropriate plate type. Press To Left Port or To Right Port to get access to the plate holder from either sides and disable the Y axis so that it can be freely moved by hand without disengaging.

Basic controls for the potentiostat are accessible on this popup. It is possible to read the currently applied potential and turn the cell regulation off.

Worktable Configuration

The software at a glance

Software Controls

Interactive sample display

The main section of the program shows a live video feed from either of the system cameras. The view can be changed at any time by pressing the camera exchange symbol Camera exchange symbols located in the status bar.

Software elements such as the crosshair or a structure preview are shown on the video feed depending on the context. The underlying sample can be moved by dragging on the screen with the mouse cursor.


Tools provides access to standalone components.


Depending on the selected tab, application settings or a list of available workflows are shown. Each workflow consists of several individual steps, where parameters and options can be chosen as necessary.


In tools, workflows and settings menus, parameters written in a bright, white font can be changed in an editor by simply touching or clicking them. In contrast, grey values are either in a blocked state or generally read-only and cannot be changed.


Settings quick access

By pressing Ctrl+Spacebar, a quick access to Digital Zoom, Illumination and Lens current sliders appears on top of the video feed display. While Ctrl is held, sliders can be adjusted by scrolling the mouse wheel or clicking with the mouse cursor. Pressing Spacebar again switches to the next slider.

Quick Access sliders

Status bar

At the bottom of the window, system status information is displayed, such as pressure applied, axes coordinates, laser signal, probe information and the camera switch button. In case the potentiostat is connected , the measured current and the measured potential are presented.


Recorded media, such as screenshots, are stored in a database on the system computer. Already acquire media can be inspected by expanding the media bar. The data can later be accessed and/or exported into standard formats, e.g. for presentation purposes or further processing.

Application Exit

On this popup the following buttons are present:

  • Turn cell regulation off: should be used if the applied potential could damage the next inserted sample.
  • Park & Exit: moves the mirror motor and laser motors into a parking position and fully retracts the head of the printer and closes the application.
  • Withdraw & Exit: fully retracts the head of the printer and closes the application.
  • Exit Only: closes the application without any other actions.

It is recommended to withdraw the head when the instrument is turned off. The internal components should be moved to a park position if the instrument remains shut down for several days.