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Getting Started

The Voxel Cloud Generator (VCG) is a tool consisting of three main functionalities (found in the three tabs):

  • Voxel Cloud Generator: generate print files for printing on the CERES system according to the required Print File Format
  • LogViewer: load CERES print log files for display and analysis
  • Iontip Calibration: obtain the pressure - voxel diameter relation from CERES print log files

General remarks

  • The VCG is written in Mathworks MATLAB.
  • The VCG is designed to complement the CERES operating software (CAPA).
  • The primary function of the VCG is to generate print files in .csv format that can be loaded into CAPA.
  • The VCG also generates a .mat file with metadata for each (.csv) print file. CAPA requires both the .mat and .csv to be present.
  • CAPA generates print log data that can be moved to and visualized in the LogViewer.
  • Complete log data access and further analysis tools are available through MATLAB itself.


  • MATLAB 2020b or 2021a is installed, other versions of MATLAB may not work. Because the VCG is not compiled, it requires an activated MATLAB installation, only base MATLAB is required.
  • To fetch and find print log files created by CAPA, the VCG uses the <BaseExportDirectory> value of CAPA defined in the settings file located in %localAppData%/Exaddon/CAPA/settings.xml.
  • It is strongly recommended to use the Windows operator account at all times while printing. The <BaseExportDirectory> should be set accordingly.


  • Unzip the code files to a chosen folder, the VCG will create needed subfolders while running.
  • Start MATLAB and set the Current Folder to the chosen folder that now contains VCG.m.
  • Note: do not change the active directory in Matlab while using the VCG, bccause the VCG will then fail to work properly.

Starting the VCG

In the MATLAB command window, type VCG and hit enter.